Tire Disposal

Tire Disposal

Our disposal facility is for all tires. We have our certification with  TCEQ and have been providing this service for over 20 years. When you  dispose of your tires, we will provide a Manifest that will be a legal  document confirming that you disposed your tires properly. 

Tire Recycling

The tires we receive are sent to a plant that repurposes the tires as  fuel. This will help eliminate all unnecessary disposal of tires that  populate our landfills. 

Trailer Information

Let's leave a trailer at your company

If your company has disposable tires give us a call. We will provide a  trailer on your property and you will be allowed to put your tires in  the trailer. Once full, you are able to either call for another trailer  or just have us pick it up. 

-Please call or e-mail for more info and a price quote. 

Truck Pick ups

We can send a truck for a tire pick up.

If you want us to pick up your tires and not worry about having a  trailer on your site, we will send a truck and pick up your disposal  tires. We serve the San Antonio area but if you're outside of our city  limits don't hesitate to call, we will quote you a price and are willing  to work out something that will help your business.

-Please call or e-mail for more info and a price quote.