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J&M Truck Tire Shop
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    Serving our community since 1985!

    About Us

    Who We Are

    Located on the South side of San Antonio Texas, J&M Truck Tire Shop  has been serving its community since 1985. Giving our customers quality  Tire Service in San Antonio, we provide a range of new and used tires.  From passenger and 18 wheeler tires to farm use or loader tires. In our  recapping department, we are able to put a new tread on 18 wheeler tires  here in our facility. We have our Texas Commission of Environmental  Quality certification and with this we are allowed to pick up and  receive your disposal tires. We are a business that is commited to help  reduce tire pollution within the community. 

    We Sell New and Used Tires

    We have been know to have a large selection of quality new and used  tires in San Antonio. We specialize in not only fixing our customers 18  wheelers tires, we are also a tire dealer. Be sure to call us with your  size of tires and we will promptly quote you a price. But for those who  have their passenger vehicles, yes, we have any size you will need. We  carry: Farm / Tractor tires, 18 wheeler tires, Car & Truck tires,  Bobcat tires, Trailer tires, etc... 

    Other Sales

    We also sell used rims for 18 wheelers (aluminum or steel), Mud Flaps,  Passenger / Trailer steel wheels and custom wheels for passenger tires.